Muzzle brakes

What are muzzle brakes for ?

By nature, muzzle brakes are used to moderate the recoil of firearms. To do this, they redirect the blast of the shot when it escapes behind the bullet at the muzzle of the barrel. This redirection is done to the sides (most of the time) and/or to the top. In this second perspective, the gun is constrained down even more directly.

Anyway, a muzzle brake will have a stabilizing effect. The shooter then gain in comfort and pleasure of use. On a semi-automatic weapon, a muzzle brake can also be used to chain the shots faster.

It goes without saying that the more violent is the weapon’s recoil, the more necessary is the accessory. However, muzzle brakes are also found on moderate-caliber handguns or rifles in speed shooting (IPSC).

Rather than muzzle brake, some talk about moderator or recoil compensator. These different names cover the same devices, removable or integrated.

What about flash hiders ?

In addition to muzzle brakes, we put in this section our flash hiders, whose function is different. Their point is no longer to moderate the recoil of the weapon, but to break the light flash often accompanying the output of the projectile.

As a result, if a muzzle brake on a .22 LR rifle can give rise to smiles, a flash hider can find its usefulness on all calibers. By the way it’s a barrel accessory that has become a must-have on combat weapons, for more practicality and discretion on the battlefield.

Like for a suppressor, it may be necessary to convert the thread of its barrel in order to mount the accessory you want. Don’t hesitate to use our silencer adapters to offer you more possibilities. This applies to muzzle brakes as well as flash hiders.

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