M24x1.5 muzzle brake – Sirocco for AK74, AK100 series…


Our M24x1.5 muzzle brake is intended for AK74, AK 100 series (AK101, AK102, AK104, AK105…), and their civilian derivatives Izhmash Kalashnikov Saiga (the MK and MKK) which share this thread. A custom part that stick to our Sirocco pattern.

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A special Sirocco for AK in metric thread 24×150

We have been manufacturing the Sirocco muzzle brake for years, perfect for mitigating the recoil of large caliber rifles. But we had a big demand to make this model compatible with the latest AKs. We are therefore adding this M24x1.5 muzzle brake to our catalog.

This is an opportunity to move away from military standards to gain in performance. No more flash hider. The successive decompression chambers will relax the gases while redirecting them to the sides of the weapon. More stability for more comfort when shooting.

Compatibility of this M24x1.5 muzzle brake

This muzzle device screws onto the end of AK’s that have an M24x1.5 thread at the muzzle. But since AKs have very variable tolerances, even at Izhmash Saiga or Arsenal, we have produced two variants.

  • The first is suitable for weapons with a smooth section + muzzle thread of less than 21 mm.
  • The second is suitable for weapons with a smooth section + muzzle thread longer than 21 mm.

Make your choice from the drop-down menu after measuring on your own AK. This will ensure that you make good use of the slot intended for the muzzle brake spring pin.

Beware of the exception!

This M24x1.5 muzzle brake is not suitable for weapons whose barrel extends beyond the threaded nose of the gun.

If you have a protruding barrel, we still have a solution to open up possibilities. Our silencer adapter for Izhmash Saiga 104.

French manufacturing, shipping worldwide.

Additional information

Weight 84 g
Dimensions 67 × 28 mm


Maximum bullet diameter

.315 in (8 mm)

Barrel thread



Blued steel


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