Birdcage flash hider – 1/2 UNF or 1/2 UNEF


Equip your gun with our Birdcage flash hider. A custom muzzle device, perfect for your .22 LR assault rifle replica, but not only! French-made in aluminum, ½ UNF and ½ UNEF. Shipping worldwide.

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Not just anyone can be a muzzle brake!

Our Birdcage flash hider is first and foremost a custom accessory. On the other hand, a muzzle brake is designed to moderate recoil. To do this, it redirects the gases at the barrel muzzle. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

The aim is simply to improve the look of your firearm, by dressing up the muzzle of its barrel. A boost of aesthetic to make you stand out on the shooting range.

More style, less weight: the Birdcage flash hider

We make this custom accessory in 7075 T6 aluminum. Lighter than steel, it’s perfect for customizing your weapon, without weighing it down. Perfect for a Chiappa Little Badger, for example.

To cover as many possibilities as possible, we offer it in 3 different diameters:

  • 19 mm = .748″ (the standard, perfectly proportioned for light-barrel weapons)
  • 22 mm = .866″ (to match the heavy barrel diameter of a CZ 457 Varmint, for example)
  • 25.4 mm = 1″ (to match the barrel diameter of a Ruger 22/45 Lite, for example)

Beware : our Birdcage flash hider is not an official A2 model. So it does not comply with the standard dimensions for groove depth or length.

You can’t anchor a Birdcage A2-compatible suppressor to it – it won’t work.

A muzzle device for .22 LR rifles… and others

To ensure compatibility with as many guns as possible, we make this barrel accessory in 2 threads. 1/2×20 TPI and 1/2×28 TPI.

1/2×20 TPI is also known as ½ UNF. This is the most common thread in Europe for the .22 LR. On the other hand, the 1/2×20 TPI is also known as ½ UNEF and is more commonly found on American rifles and pistols.

We bore our Birdcage flash hider to an internal diameter of 14 mm (.551″) So virtually any caliber is welcome. But beware, as this is an aluminum accessory, it will have difficulty withstanding repeated fire from the most powerful centerfire calibers.

That said, it’s not his mission. For the ultimate muzzle brake, discover our Sirocco Deluxe!

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 48 × 25,4 mm



Anodised aluminium


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