Custom parts

Why equip your weapon with custom parts ?

In this section you will find our custom parts for different rifles and pistols. Some improve the style of your firearm or its accessories. Others give you more practicality. Still others compensate a manufacturer’s thoughtlessness in terms of shape or material.

Whatever your motivation for acquiring our custom parts, one thing is certain. You will stand out with elegance of the weapons left in their original configuration. So if the shooter next to you at the range seems to possess a really nice magazine base plate for CZ 455, there is a good chance that he is already one of our customers.

High quality custom parts.

We develop the parts of this section in CAD, and then bring them to life with our CNC machines. You will therefore enjoy strict tolerances and a neat finish. Thus we can ensure full compatibility of our products with the original dimensions of your weapon.

Depending on the circumstance, we can work with steel, aluminium or plastic. We can also make laser engravings if needed. So we are able to explore any direction to let you personalize your equipment.

Who knows, maybe a special trigger guard for Remington 700 or a magazine floor plate for CZ 75 will become our next flagship product ?

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Showing all 11 results