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The easiest way to equip your rifle or shotgun is to use an adjustable picatinny rail. It will allow the addition of a foregrip, a bipod or a tactical flashlight, on a weapon initially lacking of interface. Our mil-std-1913 rails come in 5 slots, 7 slots or 9 slots.

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The adjustable picatinny rail, a custom solution for your firearm or airgun

As we know, sports shooters and recreational shooters like to customize their weapons. So we offer you an adjustable picatinny rail, to equip your rifle or shotgun with the accessories you want.

The picatinny standard rail is also called MIL-STD-1913 or STANAG 2324 rail. It allows the mounting of many tactical or sporting accessories. It has transverse notches, standardised in depth and spacing. These notches are often referred to as “slots.” Thus, the longer a picatinny rail, the more slots it has.

Once the picatinny rail is attached to your rifle, you can clamp on whatever you want. So it’s a good way to add a bipod on your PCP rifle, or a tactical flashlight on your semi-automatic shotgun. Just make sure to choose accessories compatible with the picatinny standard.

Installation and dimensions

Our adjustable picatinny rail is a custom part that allow you to carry out your customization projects. Its mounting requires a certain autonomy from the user, since he will have to define himself how to solidarize it to the weapon. Generally, it is simply a matter of drilling holes in the host surface (handguard, receiver…), to provide a passage for screws. We do not provide screws ourselves, because each project is different.

Too often, the user is looking for a steel picatinny rail. But we chose to make ours in an aeronautical aluminum, for not unnecessarily increasing the eight your configuration. They are nonetheless a strong mounting point for your tactical accessories. A black anodization protects aluminum from corrosion.

To suit all needs, this adjustable MIL-STD-1913 rail is available in 5 slots, 7 slots and 9 slots. Its length is 54 mm (2.13″), 74 mm (2.91″) and 94 mm (3.70″) respectively. Choose yours from the drop-down menu when you place your order.

Adjustable picatinny rail position adjustment

Rather than just drilling two holes in our rail, we make a full-length window. So the space between screw is not imposed to you, and you can place them wherever you want. Better yet, once the rail is in place, all you need to do is loosen the screws to adjust it rearward or forward.

The window provides a 5 mm (0.20″) wide passage for the screw’s thread, and 8 mm (0.31″) wide for the screw’s head. Cylindrical-headed M5 screws are therefore the natural choice to attach our rail to your weapon. But again, you have the free rein.

The length of the window depends on the number of slots selected. it’s 41 mm (1.61″) for the 5-slots rail, 61 mm (2.40″) for the 7-slots rail and 81 mm (3.19″) for the 9-slots rail. This defines the maximum spacing of your screws, or the possible adjustment range depending on their positions.

A custom part to open the field of possibilities, and improve the potential of your weapon.

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3 reviews for Adjustable picatinny rail – length of your choice

  1. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Perfect for mounting Magpul rail accessories to Weihrach 110. Torch mount, Tripod and Sling clamp.

    “I love it when a plan comes together” :o)

  2. adriano b. (verified owner)


  3. Jean-Claude H. (verified owner)

    This piece is very modular and everybody should own at least one in their accessories. Well done!

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