M5x0.8 threaded insert for adjustable picatinny rail


On this page, you will find our M5x0.8 threaded insert, necessary to mount our adjustable picatinny rails through the fragile gunstocks. No need to screw directly into the wood or plastic of your rifle’s hand guard. Drill, plug, screw and you’re done.

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How do you mount a picatinny rail on your rifle or shotgun ?

This is a question that our adjustable picatinny rail already answers. But how do you attach it to your weapon without the fear of splitting or degrading the gunstock itself ? Simply by screwing in our M5x0.8 threaded insert, instead of screwing directly in the material.

This will allow a tightening using M5x0.8 screws, whose thread diameter coincides with the groove of our open picatinny rails. We do not provide screws, because each particular situation has its necessary length. But they are found in hardware stores.

Let us take this opportunity to clarify that we are here on the land of custom, DIY, and that the user must be autonomous in the modifications of his gunstock. He will not be able to take our responsibility for the damage he would cause to his weapon during his modifications.

Format of our M5x0.8 threaded insert for adjustable picatinny rail

We make this insert on our CNC machines in the same XC38 steel as our other products. So it also undergoes a hot bluing, for perfect resistance to corrosion.

Physically, there are two consecutive sections : the tube and the disk.

►The tube is 10 mm long (0.394″), with an external diameter of 8.5 mm (0.315″). Its front presents a chamfer to fit into the stock without sharp edge. Because of its length, it will only be suitable for hand guard and forends that are at least 10 mm thick (0.394″).

►The disk is 18 mm in diameter (0.709″), with a thickness of 2 mm (0.079″). Its mission is to spread the force of the clamp on a flat surface. This is to prevent the wood or plastic of the gunstock from cracking.

Each insert is drilled and threaded M5 from side to side.

A custom part that can be easily installed

The M5x1 threaded insert can virtually be suitable for any firearm or airgun. So it’s up to you to check whether your stock or handguard has a relevant shape for its installation.

But the basic principle is always the same : you have to drill a hole of 9 mm diameter (0.354″), from the outside of the stock to the inside. The insert can then be positioned in the hole, putting the disk on the inside side, so that it ensures retention during tightening.

All you have to do then is pass the M5 screws through the picatinny rail, to get them started in the thread that now occupies the bottom of the hole.

A simple part, but essential for a clean custom of your favorite weapon.

Inserts sold individually.

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Weight 6 g
Dimensions 12 × 18 mm



Blued steel


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