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Chiappa’s Little Badger is a very popular single-shot rifle, which its owners like to customize. So as a custom part, we offer this steel front sight for Chiappa Little Badger. A sight machined in France on CNC machines, to not be afraid of breakages anymore.

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Finally, a valid replacement front sight for the Little Badger

On a firearm, the presence of well-designed open sights is an imperative. Even more so on a utility model like the .22 LR Little Badger rifle. We therefore offer this steel front sight for Chiappa Little Badger, in order to replace the standard mounted one at the end of the barrel.

Because indeed out of the box, the original front sight is plastic. It is understandable that Chiappa wanted to reduce the cost of its foldable rifle. But for a survival weapon, it’s not a very wise move. Because when a gun is destined to face particularly harsh conditions of use, losing the use of it’s iron sights is a disaster. A fall, a shock, and the plastic front sight bents, breaks, rmaking the weapon useless at more than a few yards away.

With our steel front sight, you’ll get an extra guarantee in critical situations. It will save you from having to keep spare plastic ones in your pocket, in case things go wrong. This is to us THE important custom part, the first thing to change on your Chiappa single-shot rifle.

Compatibility and installation of the steel front sight for Chiappa Little Badger

This little badger spare is compatible with all variants of the rifle that have an original front sight. This includes the Chiappa Little Badger skeleton stock (considered the standard model) in .22 LR, .17 HMR or .22 WMR, but also the Little Badger Deluxe with wooden stock and hand guard.

However, this metal front sight cannot be installed on the new Little Badger “with scope” that come with an optic. It will also not be suitable for the Little Badger in 9 mm Flobert that can be found in France.

Installing this custom accessory is very easy. Just get rid of the original sight by punching it out of the barrel. Then put on the steel front sight instead. To do this, its internal diameter is 13.5 mm (0.53″). Once the new front sight is in place, you just need to secure it with the screw provided. You’re ready. This accessory is designed to work perfectly with the original peep sight.

Beware, on the latest Little Badger produced by Chiappa, the screw holding the original front sight is drowned in a powerful threadlocker. The easiest way to get rid of it is to use a heat gun to heat it all up. Because the original front sight is made of plastic, it is often destroyed in the operation. But since our steel front sight can then stay permanently on the rifle, that’s not really a problem.

A well machined sight for your .22 LR rifle

Since the aim is to gain robustness, we go big. So we machine this steel front sight for Chiappa Little Badger on our CNC machines, in the same XC38 steel that we use for our muzzle brakes. This CNC production guarantees flawless final precision, necessary when it comes to open sights.

On the finishing side, we use a hot bluing industrialist. This allows us to offer you the same aesthetic result as for firearms. No homemade cold bluing, no paint. This high-end surface treatment ensures perfect durability, regardless of your rifle’s future exposure.

So our steel front sight for Chiappa Little Badger will be the best option for those who want to invest in quality improvement. We are proud to be able to overcome a weakness of the manufacturer. He had obviously pass on what is nevertheless a crucial element.

The cornerstone of a Chiappa Little Badger wisely customized.

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8 reviews for Steel front sight for Chiappa Little Badger

  1. Vernon

    Absolutely perfect! direct fit!

  2. Simon K. (verified owner)

    Sights are well made, thank you

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The best replacement for the original plastic sight

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The original plastic front sight broke in our freezing winter temperatures when it banged against a tree. A design flaw… You can’t do better than a steel front sight! And this one was easy to set up on the Little Badger and works great!

  5. Todor B. (verified owner)

    Both product and the service are perfect.

  6. Matthew B. (verified owner)

    Really good quality and once I ordered it, quickly delivered. (Initially on back order)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I hated the plastic parts on the chiappa little badger. So I was so happy to replace the front sight with the metal sight looks much better and will be durable also fits the gun well. I am grateful to have this front sight.

  8. Slawomir (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and precision. Great quality product.

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