Sirocco muzzle brake – thread of your choice

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Our Sirocco muzzle brake is for your sport rifle or hunting rifle. It will moderate its recoil, playing the role of a compensator. A custom part machined in France for the barrel of your long gun, to enjoy greater shooting comfort.

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Gain comfort with our Sirocco muzzle brake

There are undeniable advantages to use a powerful firearm. Thus in hunting, it is the assurance of taking his game cleanly, without having to multiply shots. On the other hand, in the context of sports shooting, it is a way to push the precision of his group to great distances. But the other side of the coin, gun enthusiasts know it well: a punitive recoil. Our Sirocco muzzle brake is precisely made to reduce this recoil. You can then focus on the essential : placing your shots.

Our Sirocco may be reminiscent of another muzzle device to long-range shooters. Indeed, it is freely inspired by the Sako muzzle brake Sako found on the TRG 22 and 42, in .308 Win and .338 Lapua Magnum. However, it differs from it by the decreasing volume of its decompression vents, for gradual evacuation of gases. Outstanding effectiveness, even with the most violent calibers.

Compatibility and installation

We produce the Sirocco muzzle brake in a variety of threads to accommodate a wide spectrum of long guns. All you have to do is explore the drop-down menu to the right of the image to find out our immediate availability (5/8×24 TPI, M14x1, M16x1, M18x1…). Of course, if you want a special version of this recoil compensator in a more exotic thread, please contact us. Custom parts are our bread and butter.

In order to equilibrate your weapon, the Sirocco vents are intended to dissipate hot gases on the sides. So you’ll have to index it. To do this, we let you choose the solution that you thinks is most appropriate on your own. Shim kit, locking nut or crush washer, it’s up to you, we don’t sell them.

When it comes to caliber, this muzzle device will be compatible with any ammunition whose bullet does not exceed 8 mm (0.31″). This includes non-exhaustively the .30-06 SPRG, .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor… Magnum calibers are also welcome : no difficulty in mitigating the recoil of a .300 Win Mag or a .270 WSM.

Why choose our Sirocco muzzle brake?

Our small structure allows us to offer a reduced price, without cutting back on the quality of the final product. So we’re machining this brake out of a very good XC38 steel, on CNC machines. Once the part is done, it undergoes an industrial hot bluing in accordance with professional standards.

From programming the machining protocol to the final finish, including manufacturing and of course quality control, everything happens in France. We put our expertise at the service of your comfort, so that the use of your rifle remains a pleasure. It doesn’t keep us from delivering anywhere in the world, wherever a rifle awaits our Sirocco.

Additional information

Weight 67 g
Dimensions 59 × 24 mm


Maximum bullet diameter

.472 in (12 mm), .315 in (8 mm), .236 in (6 mm)

Barrel thread

1/2 UNEF (1/2×28 TPI), M14x1, M15x1, 5/8×24 TPI, .578×28 TPI, M16x1, M17x1, M18x1


Blued steel


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