M26x1.5 LH muzzle brake – Sirocco for Yugo M92, M85, M05 C1…


Whether you own a Zastava M92 PAP, M85 PAP, M05 C1 or another short AK of Serbian / Yugo origin, you should be looking for a muzzle brake in M26x1.5 LH. That’s why we produce a special version of our Sirocco model, available on this page.

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The Sirocco for yugo Krinkov

There are many small differences between the firearms in the large AK family. Thus the Serbs from Zastava opted for a large metric thread of 26 mm at the muzzle of the barrel. To our knowledge, it is only found in their guns. That’s why we offer you this M26x1.5 LH muzzle brake. The King Size version of our Sirocco.

We were already producing a silencer adapter for Zastava M92 and M85. But we still getting requests for a muzzle brake that can be screwed onto the barrel, without intermediate part. It is now done. Why did we choose the Sirocco rather than another format ? Because it is perfect for shooting in any position, including prone without raising dust.

A M26x1.5 LH muzzle brake for your Zastava short AK

To date, we have encountered the M26x1.5 LH thread on the following Zastava short AKs (also called “PAP”) :

  • The Zastava M92 PAP in 7.62×39 mm
  • The Zastava M85 PAP in .223 Remington
  • The Zastava M05 C1 PAP in 7.62×39 mm

Of course, it is possible that this muzzle device is also compatible with other guns with the same thread. Do not hesitate to let us know about your tests, successful or unsuccessful.

However, the notch to receive the “anti-unscrewing” spring pin has been made on the basis of the 3 models above.

A high quality French part

We machine this M26x1.5 muzzle brake on CNC machines. We carefully control each copy at each stage of the manufacturing process. Then we send them to a professional surface treatment company to be hot blued in a bath, according to the rules of art.

On the steel side, we use an XC38 / C35, known for its excellent mechanical characteristics. This is an important point given the high stress (pressure and heat) at the muzzle of these short-barreled AKs.

We are proud to offer you an excellent product made in France, which we also ship all over the world.

Additional information

Weight 98 g
Dimensions 68 × 31 mm


Barrel thread

M26x1.5 LH


Blued steel

Maximum bullet diameter

.315 in (8 mm)


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