Muzzle brake for VZ58, CZ 858 and Gazela – M14x1


To improve the user comfort of your Czech assault rifle in 7.62×39 mm caliber, we offer this muzzle brake for VZ58, CZ 858 and Gazela. A custom part with M14x1 thread (also known as M14x100), including the notch needed to index it on these guns.

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A muzzle brake for VZ58, CZ 858 and Gazela

The sports shooters who frequent our site will probably have already recognized it. This muzzle device is none other than our Sirocco muzzle brake,in a specifically revised version to suit Czech assault rifles in M14x1. That’s why we’re talking about muzzle brake for VZ58, CZ 858 and Gazela. But this is a unique custom part, not the original accessory. This muzzle brake, you’ll only find it in our shop.

This accessory is intended to redirect the detonation gases to the sides at the end of the barrel. This minimizes the recoil of the weapon, countering muzzle rise. Yes, in 7.62×39 mm, the recoil is not uncomfortable for the shooter. But mastering it, regularizing it enable better and faster shooting.

Note that this design with side vents allows prone shooting. This is because it limits the exhaust of the propellant gases downward, which can raise up sand and dust, depending on the terrain. An added advantage at the range as in combat.

But by the way, what’s the difference between VZ58, VZ58 Gazela and CZ 858?

  • VZ58 is an assault rifle produced from 1959 to 1984 for the Czech army. They are found all over the world, in variable “surplus” conditions. They are found all over the world, in variable “surplus” conditions.
  • VZ58 Gazela are the ones that have been selected from the stocks of the Czech army to be sold new on the civilian market, through the exporter Zeleny Sport.
  • CSA VZ 58 MARS are manually operated VZ58, made for countries with harsh gun laws.
  • Finally, CZ 858 are semi-auto VZ58 that CZ manufactured for sporting purpose to the civilian market.

If the first two are born capable of full automatic shooting, the last is natively semi-automatic.

These different variants all have the same muzzle threading : M14x1. It is on this one that you will screw our muzzle brake for VZ58, CZ 858 and Gazela. Note that this thread size is also sometimes referred to as 14 mm CW, metric 14 or M14x100.

A high-quality custom muzzle brake

We manufacture this accessory on the latest CNC machines. This ensures perfect finish and sizing. We drill the internal channel to 9 mm diameter to prevent disruption during the output of the projectile.

The 3 vents follow one another, offering an increasingly reduced exhaust. This open section is 24 mm in diameter (0.945″), and the base of the accessory is 22 mm in diameter (0.866″). Each muzzle brake for VZ58, CZ 858 and Gazela undergoes a hot bluing performed by a professional of surface treatments.

To be relevant, a side vented muzzle brake must be indexed horizontally. To do this, we will take advantage here of a notch to coincide with the original front pin on the gun. No need for tool or crush washer. Screw, block, and you’re done.

French manufacturing, shipping worldwide.

Additional information

Weight 78 g
Dimensions 55 × 24 mm


Maximum bullet diameter

.354 in (9 mm)

Barrel thread



Blued steel


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