Muzzle brake for 9×19 mm PCC


Equip your 9 mm parabellum long gun with our 9×19 mm PCC muzzle brake and gain stability for fast shooting. A custom part made in France available in 1/2x28TPI and 1/2×36 TPI.

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Shoot faster with your 9 mm parabellum AR

Whether you practice IPSC or just plinking, our muzzle brake for 9×19 mm PCC is made for you. Admittedly, the 9 mm parabellum is a caliber that already doesn’t recoil much. But we can always gain in stability. This is achieved by minimizing the muzzle rise further between shots.

So we’re not talking about a flash hider here, but a muzzle brake. This features vents to redirect firing gases upwards and to the sides. It’s a muzzle device that needs to be indexed. To do this, we leave you to use your preferred method. Shim kit, cruch washer or locknut, it’s up to you.

To make it easier to tighten this part to the muzzle of your barrel, we’ve made it with a hexagon. The European shooter will thus be able to use a 26 mm wrench. For the American shooter, this will be a 1″1/16 one.

Our muzzle brake for 9×19 PCC : variable according to your gun

The PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) spectrum is vast. Examples include Ruger PC Carbine, Kriss Vector, Beretta CX4 Storm and CZ Scorpion Evo 3. We’re also thinking of all 9 mm parabellum ARs: PSA AR-9, Angstadt Arms UDP-9, CMMG Banshee Series, Sig Sauer MPX…

We have therefore chosen to make two variants of this muzzle brake. You can choose between a 22 mm or 29 mm outer diameter, to match your barrel and your taste.

This accessory is also available in the two most common threads for these short guns: 1/2 UNEF (also known as 1/2×28 TPI) and 1/2×36 TPI (more common on AR-9s).

Please note: its internal channel is machined to fire projectiles up to 9 mm. So don’t expect to use it on a .40 Smith & Wesson or .45 ACP. And if you’re looking for aesthetic gain rather than recoil reduction, then take a look at our 5 Prong flash hider.

A top-quality muzzle device

Our mouth brake for PCC 9×19 mm benefits from a careful manufacturing process. Everything happens in France, to offer you the highest level of quality possible.

  • Development, design and testing by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts
  • Machining on the latest generation of CNC machines, for flawless consistency
  • Repeated and rigorous quality controls at every step
  • Hot bluing by an industrial surface treatment expert
  • Attentive listening to your feedback, for a product that remains at the top

We ship all over the world, so that every shooter can benefit from the best, at the best price.

Additional information

Weight 115 g
Dimensions 45 × 29 mm
Maximum bullet diameter

.354 in (9 mm)

Body diameter

22 mm, 29 mm (1.142")

Barrel thread

1/2 UNEF (1/2×28 TPI), 1/2×36 TPI


Blued steel


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