Thread protector for 5/8×24 TPI rifle

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The 5/8×24 TPI is the default barrel thread of .30 caliber rifles in the United States. Our thread protector for 5/8×24 TPI rifle will cover this thread over a length of 16 mm. This will preserve the ability of your weapon to host silencers and muzzle brakes.

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Thread protector for 5/8×24 TPI rifle : a must have for your long gun

Most sporting or hunting rifles have threaded barrel to receive a muzzle device. This allows you to screw a silencer, a flash hider or a muzzle brake on it. But the manufacturer does not always provide something to protect the thread when no device occupies it. That’s why we offer this thread protector for 5/8×24 TPI rifle.

This custom part can also be used to replace a lost or deformed original thread protection. It is indeed very important never to leave a thread “naked” because the slightest shock could put it out of use. It would then become impossible to screw a muzzle device at the end of your long gun.

In fact, a thread protector does not cost much, yet is an insurance against incidents of transport and handling. Don’t skip it !

What weapons is this custom part for?

This protective cap is able to cover 16 mm of thread, or less. It is thus intended for long guns, for which a fairly long thread length is the norm. But please measure the length of thread on your own rifle before placing your order. This is to make sure that your weapon is not an exotic exception.

By the way we talk about thread protector for 5/8×24 TPI rifle. But you will sometimes find this thread referred to as 5/8 UNEF. It is the same. An external diameter of 5/8″ (15.8 mm) and 24 threads per inch.

The 5/8×24 TPI is considered the standard for .30 caliber long guns manufactured in the US. We find it on assault rifles, hunting rifles, long range rifles, sniping rifles… Whether you own a factory threaded Remington 700 in .30-06 SPRG or an AR-10 Armalite, its thread will be the 5/8×24 TPI.

Why choose our thread protector for 5/8×24 TPI rifle ?

We machine this custom part on the latest generation of CNC machines. The shooter thus enjoys the same level of quality as our silencer adapters. Concentricity and perfect finish.

To carry out its mission effectively, a thread protector must be solid. So we work with the steel XC38, also known as C35. It also has the merit of allowing a homogeneous and durable hot bluing.

To the right of the image are two drop-down menus. The first allows you to choose whether you want a knurled or slick outside surface. The second allows you to choose the outer diameter of your thread protector for 5/8×24 TPI rifle. This will make it easy for you to match the barrel of your weapon to preserve its aesthetics.

If your rifle is not threaded in 5/8 UNEF, know that we produce many other barrel thread protectors. Don’t hesitate to explore this section. We ship worldwide !

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 16 × 18 mm


Outside diameter

0,709 in (18 mm), 0,748 in (19 mm), 0,787 in (20 mm), 0,827 in (21 mm), 0,866 in (22 mm)

Barrel thread

5/8×24 TPI

Surface finish

Knurling, Slick


Blued steel

2 reviews for Thread protector for 5/8×24 TPI rifle

  1. George G. (verified owner)

    Good quality

  2. Perry F. (verified owner)

    The thread protector mates up nicely to the adapter. It all looks good together.

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