Thread protector for M14x1 pistol


To cover the barrel thread of your weapon, we offer a thread protector for M14x1 pistol. A high-quality custom accessory, compatible (among other) with Glock pistols in 9×19 mm or .40 S&W. French manufacturing, shipping worldwide.

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A thread protector for M14x1 pistol

Whether you’re screwing your silencer directly at the end of the barrel or on one of our adapters, it’s crucial to keep your thread in good condition. Therefore we offer many thread protectors, including this thread protector for M14x1 pistol. It covers the host thread to keep it from shocks during transport or manipulations. This allows it to survive many years of intensive use.

This accessory will cover 11 mm of male thread (7/16″). Make sure your gun’s thread doesn’t exceed that length.

What firearms is this thread protector compatible with?

Originally, we made this thread protector for M14x1 pistol for 9×19 or .40 S&W Glock with factory threaded barrel. But over the years, we have encountered Glock 17, 19 or others whose original thread was different (often M13.5×1 LH, M13x1 RH…). So if you are purchasing this thread protector for a Glock pistol, make sure yours is the right standard.

Of course, the M14x1 right hand (also known as M14x100 RH) is also very common on European hunting rifles. We think of Browning rifles, for example. But keep in mind the length restriction mentioned above (11 mm / .43″ of thread at most). For a long gun, choose our thread protector for M14x1 rifle instead.

Why choose our thread protector for M14x1 pistol ?

We have made high-end CNC machining our specialty. We work on the latest generation of digital control machines, and operate very strict quality control. For us, there is no “small product”. Every part that comes out of our workshops must be the best, durable and perfectly concentric.

Threading protectors are therefore no exception. We make them in the same XC38 steel as our adapters, with post-production hot bluing. This operation also takes place in France, in the hands of a specialist in surface treatment. To facilitate their hand screwing/unscrewing, we knurl the outer diameter of each thread protector with great care.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 11 × 17 mm


Barrel thread



Blued steel


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