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Screw this thread protector for M16x1 pistol to the end of your barrel to protect the silencer thread from shocks. A custom part machined in France on CNC machines, intended for your semi-automatic pistol in .45 ACP (Glock 21, HK Mark 23 SOCOM…).

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A thread protector for semi-automatic pistols

Semi-automatic pistols with threaded-barrel are often delivered without a thread protector. For the .45 ACP models, we therefore offer this thread protector for M16x1 pistol. Compact and robust, it protects up to 10.5 mm (0.41″) of thread. So you’ll be able to mount a silencer or muzzle brake whenever you want, and won’t be afraid of shocks when using the weapon without accessory.

The thread protector we offer on this page is short. It is therefore intended specifically for handguns. If the M16x1 thread you want to protect belongs to a long gun (a Sako rifle for example), then contact us. We also have a version that can cover 16 mm (0.63″) of thread in our drawers.

What models does our thread protector for M16x1 pistol fit?

In Europe, M16x1 threading is mainly found on two types of .45 ACP threaded pistols. The Glock 21 and the HK Mark 23 SOCOM. But our thread protector is also virtually compatible with any handgun in this standard.

As a reminder, the name “M16x1” refers to a metric thread to the right of 16 mm diameter. It can also be called M16x1 RH (Right Hand) or even M16x100. So be careful, because if the HK Mark 23 SOCOM is still in M16x1, since 2017 the threaded Glock 21 is also found in M16x1 LH (Left Hand).

To find out if your own weapon has a thread to the right (RH) or left (LH), you just have to look closely at the entrance of that thread. If it induces a screwing to the right (clockwise), then the ring proposed here is the right one. If it induces a screwing to the left (anti-clockwise), then refer to our thread protector for M16x1 LH pistol.

A high-end machined piece

We manufacture this thread protector out of an XC38 steel, worked with CNC machines. So you won’t have to worry about premature wobble. Unlike an aluminum or plastic cap. After control of the dimensions, the part undergoes an industrial hot bluing made by a French surface treatment professional.

By the way, we perform an oblique knurling on the outer diameter of the thread protector. This allows it to be screwed and unscrewed without effort or tool. It’s a durable custom part that will preserve your weapon’s ability to receive a silencer for a long time.

French manufacturing, shipping worldwide.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 11 mm


Barrel thread



Blued steel

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  1. Klaus T. (verified owner)

    Very nice and accurate done thread protector!

  2. frank david m. (verified owner)

    Just super !!!!!

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