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To protect the barrel of your 9×19 mm threaded Glock, we offer this thread protector for M13x1 pistol. Your Glock 17 or 19 was delivered to you without one ? Equip it now with an all-steel part machined in France at the right length. Shipping worldwide.

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Keep your threaded barrel safe from impact with our thread protector for M13x1 pistol

There are more and more guns with threaded barrel. They allow the use of a silencer, or even a muzzle brake (mainly for IPSC). Of course, Glocks are no exception. It is for them that we make this thread protector for M13x1 pistol.

Its mission is to cover the thread at the end of the barrel when no accessories occupy it, to protect it from shocks. This preserves the possibilities of accessorizing the weapon, in the event of a hectic transport or a fall. Healthy threading is a valuable asset, and this simple accessory can save you many disappointments. Therefore, never neglect to replace a lost or undelivered barrel thread protector.

We are talking about Glock because it is for them that we originally designed this piece. But we know that M13x1 is a thread that can also be found on some long guns (such as Galil assault rifle for example). But this one is a model for handguns: it covers only 10.5 mm (0.41″) of thread. If you need a longer one, contact us, we can meet all your needs.

How do I know if this barrel thread protector is the one I need ?

The threading of Glock in 9×19 is particularly fluctuating (in Europe at least). We have often encountered Glock 17, 19 and 26 whose original barrel had a thread in M13x1, but also others in M14x1 or M13.5×1 LH. For these no problem, we also offer a thread protector for M14x1 pistol and another for M13.5×1 LH pistol.

But how do you know if the thread protector for M13x1 pistol on this page is the right one for you? It’s simple: just check two things :

► The outer diameter of the thread measured with a calliper must be around 13 mm (0.50″/0.51″).

► The entry of the thread must induce a clockwise screwing (turn to the right to screw on).

If both points are ok, then you’ve found the right barrel thread protector. Please note that the M13x1 is also referred to as The M13x1 RH (right Hand), M13x100 or M13x100 HR.

Why choose our thread protector for M13x1 pistol ?

Machine a barrel thread protector is not very complicated. So there are a lot of them on the internet. But for us, there is no such thing as “small product”. We therefore take the same care in the manufacturing of our thread protectors as we do for our silencer adapters. High-end quality at reasonable price.

So you’ll enjoy a manufacturing on state-of-the-art CNC machines, that allow us to strictly respect the desired dimensions. Bu the way, our barrel thread protector is made of XC38 steel. It can therefore benefit from a hot bluing in the rules of the art, generating perfect resistance to corrosion.

Our little plus: a nice oblique knurling on its outer surface that makes it easy to screw/unscrew by hand. Pretty convenient when a high rate of fire has dilated the steel of your barrel.

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Weight 5 g
Dimensions 11 mm


Barrel thread



Blued steel


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