Thread protector for M16x1 rifle


Preserve the barrel thread of your Sako, Tikka or other rifle with our thread protector for M16x1 rifle. A custom part made of steel, configurable to meet your own needs. CNC manufacturing, shipping worldwide.

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Protect the M16x1 thread of your long gun

A long-range rifle or hunting rifle often has a thread at the muzzle of the barrel. It can thus receive a muzzle device : silencer, muzzle brake or flash hider. When there are no accessories on this thread, it is important to protect it with the proper screwed cap. That’s why we produce this thread protector for M16x1 rifle.

Made of steel, this custom part can replace an original plastic or aluminum cap. It’s also the product you need to replace a lost thread protector. This is because it is important never to carry or handle a gun with a naked thread. A shock, a fall, and you may never be able to screw anything on it.

Note that this thread protector can also be used for a custom silencer adapter for rifle with M16x1 output thread.

Compatibility of our thread protector for M16x1 rifle

M16x1 thread is not the most common in the world of long guns. But it is found on northern European rifles such as Sako or Tikka. It is sometimes referred to as M16x100, or metric 16×1 right hand.

The thread protector on this page is able to cover up to 16 mm of thread. It is therefore specifically intended for rifles. But the M16x1 is also often found on .45 ACP handguns. If it’s one of those guns you want to protect, check out our thread protector for M16x1 pistol instead.

A custom part with a neat machining

We make this thread protector for M16x1 rifle on CNC machines. This gives us the benefit of perfect regularity of production, which we double with rigorous quality control. The XC38 steel (also known as C35) that we use also has the merit of reacting very well to hot bluing finish.

We make this custom cap with two surface finishes. One knurled, the other slick. So you can choose from the drop-down menu to the right of the image if you want a surface that makes screwing/unscrewing easier by hand. Or if on the contrary you want to stay smooth.

Another drop-down menu to the right of the image will allow you to select the outer diameter of the thread protector for M16x1 rifle. So you will be able to match the thread protection with the original diameter of your barrel. Admittedly the gain is only aesthetic, but it’s always pleasant.


Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 16 × 18 mm


Outside diameter

0,709 in (18 mm), 0,748 in (19 mm), 0,787 in (20 mm), 0,827 in (21 mm), 0,866 in (22 mm)

Barrel thread



Blued steel

Surface finish

Knurling, Slick


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