Silencer adapter for Yugo M92 and M85

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Use a suppressor on your short Serbian Zastava AK with our silencer adapter for Yugo M92 and M85. It will convert its M26x1.5 LH thread to a 5/8×24 TPI or M18x1 (optional). A custom part compatible with 7.62×39 mm and .223 Remington alike.

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Silencer adapter for Yugo M92 and M85 compatibility

The short AKs produced by Zastava have a muzzle threaded in M26x1.5 LH (also known as M26x150 left hand). But unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a suppressor in this standard. We therefore offer this silencer adapter for Yugo M92 and M85, in order to convert it into a more usual thread.

The Zastava Yugo M92 and M85 are sometimes referred to as Krinkov (a term that has become generic for short AKs). The M92 PAP (also known as ZPAP92 in its pistol version imported to the USA) is in 7.62×39 mm. The M85 PAP (also known as ZPAP85 in its pistol version imported to the USA) is in .223 Remington. Our thread adapter will work on both.

How do I use it?

Once your barrel’s M26x1.5 thread is discovered, just screw our adapter on it. It is very important that the silencer you use afterwards does not wobble at the end of the weapon. So you have to screw the silencer adapter for Yugo M92 and M85 thoroughly.

By doing this, you will compress the muzzle device detent pin in its housing (if you have one). This detent pin is usually used to index the accessory. But you’ll find that our thread adapter doesn’t have a corresponding notch. This will allow you to screw it up to its stop to completely immobilize it. Once its maximum screwing is reached, you are free to make a small notch with a file on the adapter so that the detent pin locks it.

Why don’t we make this notch ourselves? Simply because each Yugo M92 PAP or M85 PAP has a different threading orientation (so of its end). It is therefore impossible to define a standard stop point for all. Because of that, don’t use silencer adapters for AK (Zastava or others) with multiple notches out of the box. Whichever one you choose, you never get it right and the muzzle device then presents an awful play.

Which suppressors mount on the silencer adapter for Yugo M92 and M85 ?

We make this steel adapter in two male threads : the M18x1 and the 5/8×24 TPI. So you’ll be able to choose the one you need when you place your order. As a reminder, the M18x1 is the most common thread for .30 caliber weapons in Europe. On the other hand, the 5/8×24 TPI is the most common thread for .30 caliber weapons in the US.

In the case of a Zastava M85 (PAP or not), finding a suppressor for .223 Rem (5.56 NATO) in one of these threads can be difficult. If you want another one (1/2×28 TPI for example), contact us,and we’ll make you a special thread adapter matching your silencer.

In the case of a Zastava M92 (PAP or not), it’s easier. Although the 7.62×39 mm caliber is not strictly speaking a .30 caliber like the .308 Win or the .30-06 SPRG, it differs only a few hundredths. So you can use any .30 caliber silencer without risk.

We have had several requests to produce this silencer adapter without knurling on its external diameter. So we now offer both variants. It’s up to you to choose when ordering if you want yours to be knurled or slick.

Additional information

Weight 55 g
Dimensions 38 × 30 mm


Maximum bullet diameter

.354 in (9 mm)

Accessory thread

1/2 UNEF (1/2×28 TPI), M14x1, M14x1 LH, M15x1, 5/8×24 TPI, M16x1, M18x1, M24x1.5

Barrel thread

M26x1.5 LH


Blued steel

Surface finish

Knurling, Slick

4 reviews for Silencer adapter for Yugo M92 and M85

  1. Jason T (verified owner)

    Worked great on my papm92. great machining.

  2. Petr B. (verified owner)

    Great product. Quality and strength. The product moves the Yugo M92, M85 up a level.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Happy with order. Arrived exactly as described. Purchased from USA and it took some time for delivery, and that’s fine considering the boutique production of this item.

  4. Leonard F. (verified owner)

    Correct size. All the way from France.
    No problems, Thx

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