Silencer adapter for Ruger SR22 – 1/2 UNF or 1/2 UNEF

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To use a suppressor on the Ruger SR 22 pistol, an adapter is required. So here we offer a silencer adapter for Ruger SR22, generating an 1/2×20 TPI or 1/2×28 TPI thread for muzzle devices. French CNC manufacturing, shipping worldwide.

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Convert the thread of your Ruger SR22 pistol into 1/2 UNF or 1/2 UNEF

To reduce the noise of your favorite .22 LR pistol, we offer a silencer adapter for Ruger SR22. It will offer a male thread in 1/2 UNF or 1/2 UNEF, in order to allow a .22 LR suppressor in the European or the American standard.

Out of the box, the Ruger SR22 pistol exists with threaded barrel (model 3604) or unthreaded barrel (model 3600 and others). In its threaded version, it comes with a 1/2×28 TPI adapter (1/2 UNEF) that screws onto the proprietary thread at the end of the barrel, inside the slide. But the European sports shooter doesn’t always own a 1/2 UNEF suppressor. This because on the old continent, muzzle devices corresponding to .22 LR are rather in 1/2 UNF (1/2×20 TPI).

We therefore propose to replace the silencer adapter in 1/2 UNEF that Ruger provides with ours, in 1/2 UNF. Then you’ll be able to reuse a silencer that you already have for your .22 LR rifle or any other weapon threaded the European way.

But for all Americans who would have lost their original 1/2 UNEF adapter, we also make the 1/2×28 TPI variant. Just make your choice in the drop-down menu to the right of the image.

Features of the silencer adapter for Ruger SR22

We make this custom part on the latest generation of CNC machines. For it, we use a XC38 steel, also called C35 steel. We take great care to obtain a perfect concentricity, guaranteeing your accuracy. A very strict quality control is carried out on each piece after production, after finish, and before shipping.

The silencer adapter for Ruger SR22 screws directly onto the 11/32×24 TPI thread at the end of your barrel, inside the slide. It has an hexagonal external diameter, so that the user can use a wrench to tighten it. A few drops of Loctite 243 will be welcome to secure the position.

A hot bluing protects the accessory from corrosion, offering a sober and elegant black finish.


We would like to emphasize one point: this silencer adapter for Ruger SR22 will only be usable on pistols that already have a threaded barrel. This may be the case for yours, even if there is no thread protruding from the slide. To be sure, pull the slide rearward and look closely at the end of the barrel. You should find a demarcation indicating the presence of an internal thread covered by a thread protector.

Once our adapter is mounted on the weapon, it can stay there all the time. On the other hand, we formally advise against leaving a silencer screwed on it. The air volume trapped in the suppressor could cause barrel corrosion. It will therefore be a good idea to cover the 1/2 UNF or 1/2 UNEF male thread with an appropriate barrel thread protector.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 30 × 17 mm


Accessory thread

1/2 UNF (1/2×20 TPI), 1/2 UNEF (1/2×28 TPI)

Barrel thread

11/32×24 TPI


Blued steel

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