Silencer adapter M15x1 to 5/8×24 TPI

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Are you looking for an HK rifle thread adapter? Then discover our silencer adapter M15x1 to 5/8×24 TPI. A custom part that allows you to use a 5/8 UNEF muzzle device on any weapon threaded in M15x100 HR. French manufacturing, shipping worldwide.

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Transform your rifle thread to use a suppressor

Very often, the sports shooter or hunter has a threaded rifle, but in an unusual standard. To overcome this difficulty, we make silencer adapters. On this page, you’ll find the silencer adapter M15x1 to 5/8×24 TPI, one of our best-sellers.

Its mission is to transform the exotic threading of your firearm into a more common standard. As the 5/8×24 TPI is undoubtedly the most common, it is in this thread that you will find the most silencers, muzzle brakes and flash hiders. You will thus be able to choose the barrel device you want, bypassing the norm of your original thread.

Compatibility of the silencer adapter M15x1 to 5/8×24 TPI

This adapter will be useful for long guns from Europe, especially German ones.

The M15x1 is thus the default thread of Heckler and Koch assault rifles. This adapter is therefore generally considered as a silencer adapter for HK MR223 or MR308. The M15 thread can also be found on the Blaser R93 rifle or the Blaser R8 with standard barrel. Still in Germany, we also think of Haenel weapons like the Jaeger 10 Pro.

But on the other hand, the M15x1 is also the barrel thread of some Finnish-origin Sako A7 or Tikka T3. By and large, any hunting or sports rifle threaded in M15x1 (also known as M15x100 HR) can benefit of this adapter.

Features of the silencer adapter M15x1 to 5/8×24 TPI

We manufacture this suppressor adaptor in France on CNC machines. We take special care in its concentricity, guaranteeing your accuracy. To facilitate its tightening by hand, we integrate a knurling on its outer diameter.

Its internal diameter is 9 mm, making it compatible with all the most popular calibers (.223 Rem, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag…). If you need another adapter to 5/8×24 TPI to share your silencer with other weapons, you can also set up a custom silencer adapter.

A quality solution to solve your compatibility problems and have free access to accessories you want.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 35 × 22 mm
Accessory thread

5/8×24 TPI

Barrel thread





Blued steel

Brand - Manufacturer


2 reviews for Silencer adapter M15x1 to 5/8×24 TPI

  1. MARK (verified owner)

    Excellent machining and looks great. Delivered to Australia on time. Very happy with the adapter.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    excellent fit!

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