Set up your custom silencer adapter

To solve specific problems, we offer to make you a custom silencer adapter. You’ll choose your own input and output threads, as well as the general dimensions of your custom part. To facilitate things, we already give you the choice between two models : the silencer adapter for pistol and the silencer adapter for rifle. Set the rest based on the settings of your own weapon, and we’ll finish the job. French manufacturing on CNC machines, shipping worldwide.

To mount a suppressor on your firearm or your airgun, we already offer many specialized custom parts. But sometimes, the compatibility problem that the user encounters is special to him. Only he can then define what transformation of his original thread is needed, depending on the silencer or the gun accessory he want. So we offer him to configure his own custom silencer adapter.

When it comes to barrel threads, every manufacturer/country has its own habits. Thus Browning use the M14x1 RH for its .308 Win rifles, but Savage prefers the 5/8×24 TPI. A .45 ACP Glock will be threaded in M16x1 LH, but an HK Mark 23 of the same caliber will be in M16x1 RH. Thereby, silencers can be found in a lot of threads, but not always in the one we are looking for. That’s why a custom silencer adapter can quickly be needed.

Using an adapter also reduces costs, allowing the use of a single silencer on multiple weapons. Thus you can share a suppressor you already have with a new weapon, simply by purchasing the right interface.

For pistol or rifle?

No matter what thread you’re talking about, a silencer adapter can have multiple profiles. We do not expect the same specificities depending on whether we want to mount it on a pistol or on a rifle.

Thus, in the case of a rifle, the accessory has to cover a larger thread length. Moreover, the external diameter become important, in the event of a silencer partially covering the barrel. It also have to manage calibers that generate more pressure, which leads to a beefier adapter. We will therefore look for a specific silencer adapter for rifle

On the other hand, in the case of a pistol, we will look for a much more compact accessory The thread will be shorter, the accessory lighter. So rather than unbalance your handgun with a silencer adapter for rifle, prefer a silencer adapter for pistol.

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