Silencer adapter 1/2 UNEF to M14x1 (1/2×28 TPI to M14x100 RH)

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To convert your rifle’s 1/2×28 TPI thread, we offer a silencer adapter 1/2 UNEF to M14x1. A long-gun thread converter manufactured in France on CNC machines. Switch from US threading to European threading, we ship all over the world.

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Converting a 1/2×28 TPI thread with the silencer adapter 1/2 UNEF to M14x1

Converting your 1/2×28 TPI barrel thread ? A piece of cake with our silencer adapter 1/2 UNEF to M14x1.

When it comes to firearms, Europeans produce rifles in all kinds of standards. Light barrel guns include M14x1, M15x1, 1/2 UNF (1/2×20 TPI) and many more, even more exotic. It is therefore common for the hunter or sports shooter with a European long gun to own a suppressor in one of these threads.

But on the other hand, Americans are much more disciplined. The overwhelming majority of their hunting rifles and assault rifles in .223 Remington share the same thread : the 1/2 UNEF (also known as 1/2×28 TPI). What we propose here is simply to convert this American standard to the most natural European equivalent : the M14x1 (also known as M14x100 RH). You will be able to reuse your silencer, muzzle brake or flash hider, without buying one in the “right” thread.

How does the silencer adapter 1/2 UNEF to M14x1 work ?

This accessory is generally considered a thread converter for AR15. The flash hider of the original weapon is unscrewed and the adapter is screwed instead. To do this, we take advantage of a knurling on its external diameter allowing a good grip. There is no need to index it, it does not present any particular orientation. On the other hand, a few drops of thread lock can be used during installation to secure it.

Once the silencer adapter 1/2 UNEF to M14x1 is in place, all you have to do is screw the accessory previously incompatible. You then benefit of perfect concentricity, guaranteeing your accuracy. Suppressors are of course welcome, but generally any muzzle device (such as a Browning T2 muzzle brake) is possible.


In the USA, there is also a lot of 1/2×28 TPI threading on 9×19 mm pistols. Unfortunately the adapter we sell here has an internal diameter of 8 mm. It can therefore be used up to .30 calibers (.308 Win, .300 Win Mag…) but no more.

Furthermore, we do not recommend leaving a suppressor mounted on a gun at the end of the shooting session. The air that remains trapped in it could cause corrosion at the end of the barrel. On the other hand, the adapter can remain screwed to the rifle at all times. We invite you to cover his male thread with an M14x1 thread protector. If you don’t have one, contact us, we’ll make you one.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 35 × 22 mm


Maximum bullet diameter

.354 in (9 mm)

Accessory thread


Barrel thread

1/2 UNEF (1/2×28 TPI)


Blued steel

5 reviews for Silencer adapter 1/2 UNEF to M14x1 (1/2×28 TPI to M14x100 RH)

  1. Jakob P. (verified owner)

    Top quality, top service

  2. Giuseppe (verified owner)

    Very good service

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well machined and sturdy. does what it is intended couldn’t have done without it

  4. Krzysztof (verified owner)

    Profesionalnie wykonany zastosowany do rugera 556 mpr 18″. Bardzo szybka wysyłka do Polski

  5. Krzysztof Suder (verified owner)

    Well designed and manufactured. Quite big in fact. Fits perfectly with outer thread to m14x1 silencer

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