Silencer adapter 1/2 UNF to M18x1

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To open up new possibilities about muzzle devices, we offer a silencer adapter 1/2 UNF to M18x1. It transforms the 1/2×20 TPI thread of your long gun to the European standard for heavy-barreled rifles.

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The silencer adapter 1/2 UNF to M18x1: for your European rifle

In Europe, and even elsewhere, a hunting or shooting rifle with 1/2×20 TPI thread can sometime be encountered. To convert this thread to M14x1 (more common for light barrels), we already offer a silencer adapter 1/2 UNF to M14x1. But we are also facing increasing demand for a silencer adapter 1/2 UNF to M18x1. Request immediately satisfied by this dedicated web page.

Why prefer M18x1 threading to M14x1 threading? Simply because it is common for the hunter as for the sports shooter to possess a .30 caliber rifle with a heavy barrel. If this one is European and if its barrel is threaded, then it is almost always an M18x1 thread. The owner therefore very often has a suppressor or a muzzle brake for this weapon, which he wishes to reuse on his new gun. This is where our product comes in.

Silencer adapter 1/2 UNF to M18x1 compatibility

This thread converter has a female end in 1/2 UNF, to screw directly onto the rifle. Note that the 1/2 UNF is also designated 1/2×20 TPI. It’s the same thread. Once the silencer adapter is screwed onto the weapon, it offers a male thread in M18x1, also known as M18x100 RH. All you have to do is use it to mount the barrel device of your choice.

When it comes to long guns themselves, this custom piece will be able to find its place on a light-barreled rifle in .222 Rem or .243 Rem. Here we think about some CZ 527 of the Lite line. But there is also the UNF 1/2 thread on the Franchi Horizon hunting rifle, this time in all calibers. This will not be a problem for our adapter, able to withstand any ammunition with a bullet diameter of less than 9 mm (.35″).

A high-quality custom piece

When it comes to thread converter, perfect concentricity is required. There is no room for fast-made accessories. We therefore pay particular attention to the quality of each piece, with the strict controls that this entails.

We are French but we sell our products all over the world. Many suppressors already ride our silencer adapters on weapons of all types and calibers. Our CNC manufacturing seduces with its rigor, and our hot bluing lasts in time. Trusting us is already making the right choice.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 25 × 22 mm


Maximum bullet diameter

.354 in (9 mm)

Accessory thread


Barrel thread

1/2 UNF (1/2×20 TPI)


Blued steel

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  1. R G F JEFFERY (verified owner)

    Extremely well machined. Good value and prompt service.
    Extrêmement bien fait. Bon rapport qualité / prix et service rapide

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