.578×28 TPI thread adapter for .45 ACP pistol


Use our .578×28 TPI thread adapter and convert the thread at the muzzle of your .45 ACP pistol. One custom steel part, for use with M16x1, M16x1 LH, or M18x1 accessories. French manufacturing, shipping worldwide.

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A silencer adapter for your .45 ACP pistol

When a .45 ACP pistol has a threaded barrel, it can be threaded in different standards. Our .578×28 TPI thread adapter is designed to transform this standard (the most common in the USA) into something else.

Note that the .578×28 TPI thread is also known as 37/64×28 TPI. Once our converter has been screwed on, you can use suppressors in other threads, metric or imperial.

As the .45 ACP is a naturally subsonic caliber, you’ll have no excuse not to take advantage of its potential discretion. But our product can also be used with a muzzle brake or flash hider if that’s what you want.

What compatibilities does our .578×28 TPI thread adapter have?

To open as many doors as possible, we offer this piece in several variants:

  • .578×28 TPI to M16x1 (the thread of the HK Mark 23 Socom…)
  • .578×28 TPI to M16x1 LH (HK USP Tactical thread…)
  • .578×28 TPI to M18x1 (Sako TRG thread…)

It’s up to you to select an output thread that’s right for you, depending on the suppressor you already own, or the one you’re thinking of buying.

Since it’s bored for .45 ACP, our .578×28 TPI thread adapter can also be used on a smaller-diameter bullet.

A high-quality custom piece

We are a French company, and we machine our thread converters from XC38 steel. As a result, they offer unfailing robustness in the face of repeated fire, something our Asian competitors can’t match.

That’s why we carefully check each piece at every step of production. Concentricity, regularity and precision of dimensions are imperative for us. To do this, we use the latest generation of CNC machines.

For perfect protection against corrosion, our .578×28 TPI thread adapter benefits from hot bluing. Note the knurling at the base for tool-free screwing/unscrewing.

Worldwide shipping. Discover also our silencer adapter for Heckler and Koch .45 ACP.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 29 × 19,5 mm



Blued steel


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