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Discover on this page our thread adapter M14x1 to M15x1 A thread converter we are proud to ship worldwide. Pool the accessories of your new Browning and your trusty Blaser rifle.

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A silencer adapter to transform the thread of your hunting rifle

To open up the range of accessories compatible with your rifle, we manufacture this thread adapter M14x1 to M15x1. It will therefore transform the threading at the muzzle of your hunting weapon, to make other silencers and muzzle brakes compatibles.

The most common case is indeed the hunter who already owns a Blaser rifle, for which he has a suppressor in M15x1. How to screw this suppressor on a Browning rifle for example ? Well, simply by converting the M14x1 thread of the Browning with the accessory on this page.

Please note, if you want to do the opposite, we also manufacture the M15x1 to M14x1 adapter.

Features of the thread adapter M14x1 to M15x1

The M14x1 thread is also known as M14x100. It is a metric thread, with an external diameter of 14 mm. It is generally considered the Browning thread, as it is usually the one the brand uses for its long guns.

The M15x1 is also sometimes found under another name: M15x100. Nevertheless, it is the same rifle thread, mainly present on the Blaser R93 or Blaser R8 hunting rifle for example. But it is also found on the Sauer 101, the Sako A7, the Haenel Jaeger pro…

The silencer adapter we propose here has a female side in M14x1 and a male side in M15x1. The knurled diameter is 22 mm (0.866″). It therefore authorized silencers that cover part of the barrel.

A gun thread converter made in France

Choosing our thread adapter M14x1 to M15x1 offers a number of advantages:

  • XC38 (also known as C35) steel with excellent mechanical characteristics.
  • Manufacturing on CNC machines by French workers.
  • Extended caliber compatibility: all projectiles with a diameter of 9 mm (.35″) or less.
  • Magnum calibers welcome
  • Professional hot bluing for a perfect finish

It’s up to you. Use our thread adapter M14x1 to M15x1 to switch your suppressor from your Browning to your Blaser, and from your Blaser to your Browning as you go out hunting!

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 35 × 22 mm

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