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Among rifle threads, the M15x1 is one of the most exotic. It is particularly the Heckler and Koch assault rifles thread and that of some other German weapons. To be able to screw on a more common suppressor or a non-proprietary flash hider, we offer a silencer adapter M15x1 to M18x1. A custom piece made in France on CNC machines, shipping worldwide.

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The silencer adapter M15x1 to M18x1: for your German weapons

On this page you will find our silencer adapter M15x1 to M18x1. It will allow you to turn the original thread of your rifle into a more widespread standard : the M18x1.

Of course, we offer many adapters to change the standard of your barrel thread. We even suggest you to set up your own custom silencer adapter. So why dedicate a product sheet specific to this combination? Simply because the M18x1 turns out to be the default thread of European heavy-barrel rifles. It is therefore in this standard that you will find the largest offer of muzzle devices (at least on our side of the Atlantic).

Will this silencer adapter work on my HK MR223?

Yes, but not only. Of course the M15x1 is the default thread of German assault rifles like the HK MR223 or the HK MR308. But other German gun brands also use it. Our adapter can therefore be used to mount a suppressor on a Blaser hunting rifle like the Blaser R93 or the Blaser R8.

Less widespread but also in M15x1, there are also Haenel weapons, including the Jaeger 10 Pro tactical rifle. On the other hand beware, not all Haenel long guns are in M15x1. So check yours before placing your order.

The same goes for Finnish Tikka T3 or Sako A7 rifles. They can be in M15x1, but also in more common threads. So please make sure you need our silencer adapter.

Is it a multi caliber silencer adapter?

Almost, but not totally. Its internal diameter is 9 mm. Most hunting or shooting calibers are therefore allowed. Here we think of the .308 Winchester, the .30-06 SPRG, the 6.5 Creedmoor, the .223 Remington and many others. Indeed the internal diameter of a silencer adapter cannot be too large compared to the bullet diameter. It is the internal channel of the suppressor that has to fit the caliber, but the section above it does not matter.

It should be noted that our XC38 blued steel manufacturing allows Magnum calibers. This adapter will not fear the .300 Win Mag, the 7 Rem Mag and other punchy calibers.

A French-quality spare part, to use the muzzle brake, the flash hider or the silencer you want.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 25 × 22 mm
Maximum bullet diameter

.354 in (9 mm)

Accessory thread


Barrel thread





Blued steel

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  1. U Richard (verified owner)

    Lovely quality. Perfectly adapted a 18×1 brake to be used on 15×1 thread. Expensive but justified

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