Silencer adapter M17x1 to 5/8×24 TPI

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With our silencer adapter M17x1 to 5/8×24 TPI, you can convert the thread of your hunting or sporting rifle. A custom part made on CNC machines to go from an exotic standard to the world’s most popular long gun thread. Ideal for semi heavy barrel guns, post-threaded depending on the available diameter.

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Convert the thread of your hunting or sporting rifle!

Firearms often have a threaded barrel. This is so that the user can adds a muzzle brake or a suppressor. Unfortunately, there are many threads and you don’t always find the muzzle device corresponding to your weapon. It then becomes necessary to convert the thread of your rifle from its original standard to another, a more usual one. This is the purpose of our silencer adapter M17x1 to 5/8×24 TPI .

This transformation will allow you to leave the original M17x1 thread of your rifle, to use all the 5/8×24 TPI gun accessories. Doing so, you will open up a wide range of upgrades for hunting or sports weapons. Many silencers, flash-hiders and muzzle brakes become compatible.

Why not keep an M17x1 thread?

Simply because it is an exotic thread. Therefore accessory manufacturers rarely retain it for their products. However, it is still found on some rifles threaded post-manufacturing, by European importers or gunsmiths. This is due to the strain that the diameter sometimes places at the muzzle of the weapon, cut-down or not.

M17x1 (also known as M17x1 HR) can be found on some 24″ Savage M10-TR rifles sold in Europe, or on Blaser R93. The M17x1 is also found on Saiga rifles chambered in .308 Winchester or Mosin Nagant rifles with a reworked muzzle.

Don’t be a prisoner of these rare exceptions. Our silencer adapter M17x1 to 5/8×24 TPI will be compatible with all calibers less than 9 mm (.35″).

Why choose our silencer adapter M17x1 to 5/8×24 TPI ?

We manufacture this adapter in France on CNC machines. After production, the part undergoes a hot bluing that protects it from corrosion. Strict quality control ensures you perfect concentricity to preserve the accuracy of your gun. We still are a small company, but we can ship your adapter anywhere in the world.

Of course, you may want to turn your M17x1 thread into something other than 5/8×24 TPI. Thus we invite you to set up a custom silencer adapter. Solving problems of compatibility between gun and accessory is our job. Don’t hesitate to solicit us.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 35 × 22 mm
Maximum bullet diameter

.354 in (9 mm)

Accessory thread

5/8×24 TPI

Barrel thread





Blued steel

Brand - Manufacturer


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