Silencer adapter M16x1 to M18x1


We produce a silencer adapter M16x1 to M18x1 able to convert the thread of your rifle from one standard to another. A little but high-quality accessory, to solve compatibility problems posed by some firearms. A thread adapter that is suitable for all rifle calibers up to 9 mm (.35″). CNC machining in France, shipping worldwide.

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Convert the thread of your rifle to use the muzzle device you want !

For hunting or sports shooting, there are many rifles with threaded barrels. But this is not always in a very usual standard. On this page, we offer you a silencer adapter M16x1 to M18x1, which will open the field of compatible accessories.

Because in fact, only a few threads are really very common on long guns. For .30 caliber rifles, Americans generally use 5/8×24 TPI. On the other hand, Europeans prefer the M18x1. But sometimes, heavy barrel, light or intermediate rifles get another standard. For instance, this is the case for several Sako (such as the Sako 85 Long Range) or some Tikka that are in M16x1. This is where our silencer adapter M16x1 to M18x1 comes in.

It will therefore allow you to easily find a suppressor, a flash hider or a muzzle brake for your firearm, without remaining trapped by its original thread.

Features of the silencer adapter M16x1 to M18x1

This adapter has a female thread in M16x1 RH (also known as M16x100) and a male thread in M18x1 RH (also known as M18x100). The female thread is screwed to the end of your rifle, and the male thread accommodates the desired accessory.

Beware of mix-ups. The M16x1 is a thread that is also found on many semi-automatic pistols (such as the Mark 23 SOCOM). But the adapter on this page will only suit long guns. If you are looking to convert the M16x1 thread of your handgun, we can of course make you a custom silencer adapter for pistol.

We make this thread adapter out of XC38 steel. Its robustness allows all 9 mm (.35″) or lower calibers, including Magnum ones. An external knurling makes it easy to screw and unscrew without a tool.

Why choose ours?

When we don’t make adapters, we practice hunting and shooting sports ourselves. We are therefore very aware of the constraints of concentricity involved in the use of a suppressor, or any muzzle device in general. Thus we make our pieces with great care, looking for perfect regularity. All of our production comes from the latest generation CNC machines, used by experienced machining workers.

After strict quality control, our adapters are hot blued in France. This allows you to get perfect corrosion protection. We like accurate, reliable and durable weapons. So are our adapters.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 35 × 22 mm
Maximum bullet diameter

.354 in (9 mm)

Accessory thread


Barrel thread





Blued steel

Brand - Manufacturer



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