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Although we offer you to set up your own custom silencer adapter some combinations address a chronic need, so we always keep them in stock. This is the case with the silencer adapter M14x1 to M18x1, which allows the use of suppressors designed for european heavy barrel rifles on a light barrel rifle. A custom accessory made in France on CNC machines, very useful for your Browning X-bolt, your Tikka T3X Lite or your CZ 557 Night Sky (among others).

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Use silencers for heavy barrel on your light barrel rifle

Hunting or sporting rifles with factory threaded barrel are numerous. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to get the matching suppressor. That’s why we offer this silencer adapter M14x1 to M18x1, among others.

A European light barrel long gun is usually threaded in M14x1 (also known as M14x1 RH, or even M14x100). However, most of the silencers for .30 caliber european rifles are in M18x1. This is because silencers are generally used on sports shooting weapons (Long Range rifles for example) that have a heavy barrel.

Our adapter therefore expands the panel of accessories usable with your own rifle, addressing this compatibility issue. You screw it on your M14x1 thread and it’s done: all M18x1 silencers become usable.

Silencer adapter M14x1 to M18x1 compatibilities

This custom accessory will be perfect for hunting or sporting rifles that are European made. So it is considered both as a silencer adapter for Browning X-Bolt rifle but also as a silencer adapter for Tikka T3X Lite or CZ 557 (still light barrel).

Regarding caliber, its internal diameter allows all 9 mm bullets or less. This non-exhaustively induces the .308 Winchester, the .30-06 Springfield, the .243 Winchester, the 6.5 mm Creedmoor… It can stand Magnum calibers, so the .300 Win Mag or the .270 WSM are also welcome.

Its 22 mm external diameter allows suppressor partially covering the barrel for more compactness. Naturally, this requires a weapon without front sight. If yours has one, the adapter remains usable, but you must choose a silencer whose thread is directly on the back side (which is still the most common).

Why choose ours?

We make this silencer adapter M14x1 to M18x1 out of XC38 steel (also known as C35). We focus on compactness, to preserve the balance of your weapon. The adapter is then blued for perfect corrosion resistance.

Because we practice CNC manufacturing, compliance with tolerances is very strict. This provides perfect concentricity, which preserves target accuracy.

If your weapon is not threaded in M14x1, but you still want to mount a suppressor in M18x1, we invite you to set up your custom silencer adapter yourself. We will make it with the same care we put into our regular products.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 25 × 22 mm
Maximum bullet diameter

.354 in (9 mm)

Accessory thread


Barrel thread





Blued steel

Brand - Manufacturer


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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly recommended, top quality part and quick shipping. Nice solution as sharing one mod with two firearms.

  2. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Good company, relatively fast dispatch to NL. Pricing okay, but not cheap (but it is good!!). Fits my ..357 AEA Airgun

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