Silencer adapter for Kimber rifle – 7/16×28 TPI to thread of your choice


Our silencer adapter for Kimber rifle is designed to transform its original thread to a more common format. Then you can choose 7/16×28 TPI to 5/8×24 TPI thread converter, or 7/16×28 TPI to M14x1 and so on.

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The silencer adapter for Kimber rifle

Well known for its excellent 1911 pistols, Kimber also produces hunting and sporting rifles. On some of them, the Kimber Mountain family, for example, the brand uses a barrel as thin as possible. The idea is to reduce the weight as much as possible to facilitate travel. But very fine barrels often implies exotic threading. That’s why we produce this silencer adapter for Kimber rifle.

By using it, you will open up the spectrum of common muzzle devices. And your M18x1 muzzle brake or your M14x1 suppressor will become compatible in a snap.

From 7/16×28 TPI to 5/8×24 TPI, but not only

The request we receive most regularly is that of a silencer adapter for Kimber rifle from the 7/16×28 TPI to 5/8×24 TPI. This is quite logical insofar as Kimbers are American firearms, and the 5/8×24 TPI is the default U.S. thread of .30 caliber long guns.

But we know that every shooter or hunter has different compatibility issues. We therefore produce this 7/16×28 TPI thread converter to many other standards. Metrics ones (M14x1, M15x1, M16x1, M18x1…) and US ones (such as 1/2×28 TPI). Check out our drop-down menus to see if we have the one you need in stock.

Beware, some combinations can produce compact adapters = 0.98″ long (7/16×28 TPI to 5/8×24 TPI for example). But others will necessarily be of standard length: 1.38″ (7/16×28 TPI to M14x1 for example). Again, the drop-down menus inform you.

Alternative uses of the silencer adapter for Kimber rifle

In truth, the adapters we offer on this page can be used for many other projects than equipping a Kimber rifle. In some cases for example, the barrel of a .17 HMR or .22 WMR rifle may be too thin to allow post-prod threading in 1/2 UNF or 1/2 UNEF. You can then choose to thread the weapon in 7/16×28 TPI, and use a thread converter 7/16×28 TPI to 1/2×28 TPI to mount your silencer.

Keep in mind however that the output thread of an adapter defines a maximum projectile diameter. While most combinations allow 10 mm (.40″) bullets or less, others induce a natural restriction. Thus the 7/16×28 TPI to M13x1 will only be suitable for calibers that do not exceed 8 mm (.31″). And the 7/16×28 TPI to 1/2×28 TPI imposes a limit of 7 mm (.27″).

As always, our drop-down menus will tell you what is possible before your order is placed. For even more options when it comes to thread conversion, check out our custom silencer adapter section!

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 35 × 22 mm


Barrel thread

7/16×28 TPI


Blued steel


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