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To mount a suppressor on your handgun, we offer a custom silencer adapter for pistol. Set it up to your needs, and we’ll make it with the same care we take to all our custom accessories. A specialized part to solve compatibility problems, manufactured in France on CNC machines.


Set up your custom silencer adapter for pistol

Our catalogue already has many handgun adapters. But it’s also possible that the one you need isn’t there. So here you can set up your own custom silencer adapter for pistol. It will transform the original thread of your weapon into the thread of the intended silencer, solving your compatibility problem. A custom part made for you, according to your particular need.

The custom silencer adapter for pistol is also a good way to reduce your costs, using a single moderator on multiple weapons. Let’s say you’re the owner of a Glock 19 threaded in M13.5×1 LH. So you bought a silencer in this standard for it. But then you were seduced by the Beretta M9A3, threaded in 1/2×28 TPI. Now you need a silencer adapter to use your 9 mm suppressor on it. This is where we come into play.

Sporting or hunting rifles usually have different threads than pistols. In length as in pitch. Rather than diverting a pistol adapter from its original function, we invite you to equip them with a dedicated silencer adapter for rifle.

How does it work ?

The blueprint shown on this page is the typical silencer adapter for pistol. It’s up to you to vary its characteristics, by choosing the desired dimensions in the associated drop-down menus.

The thread of the barrel is the one that is already carried out on your weapon. It is the one you want to transform. The thread of the accessory is that of the silencer or muzzle brake you plan to use. Body diameter will be the outer diameter of the adapter, with little importance on a handgun. The maximum diameter of the projectile has to be defined according to the caliber of the weapon, in order to deliver passage to the bullet.

Regarding this last point, who can do more can do less. This without loss of efficiency, since it is the internal diameter of your silencer that will do the shutter work. So don’t be afraid to choose 9 mm, even for a .22 LR pistol.

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4 reviews for Your custom silencer adapter for pistol

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    All is OK

  2. IOANNIS T (verified owner)

    Fits perfect on my KRISS VECTOR.

  3. William D. (verified owner)

    Working perfectly…

  4. Robert H. (verified owner)

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