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Have you ever thought about the suppressor adapter to reduce your costs in shooting or hunting? With it you can mutualize a silencer on several weapons of the same caliber.

In fact, we have sought to answer a simple and recurring question. How to turn the original thread of your weapon into another thread to receive a suppressor ? Our website is the answer.

The right place to find its suppressor adapter

We offer suppressor adapters for shooting, hunting and recreational weapons. They can be identified by the brand or model of their destination weapon. But you’ll also find a page where you can set up your threads. In the custom adapter section, you only need to fill in the input and output threads. We’ll do the rest.

But of course many requests cross-cutting the same needs, we already produce many popular models. To discover them, explore our silencer adapters section. Perhaps the one you are looking for is already there. This will be the case for owners of a Sig 1911-22, a Walther P22 or a Sig Mosquito.

Airguns fans won’t be forgotten neither, with adapters often not found elsewhere. Thus we produce a suppressor adapter for the Benjamin Marauder pistol, another for the Walther CP88 by Umarex, several for the Artemis PR900W and CR600W… If your Airgun is not yet among those for which we have a solution, contact us !

A demand-driven company.

But suppressor adapters are not the only string to our bow. We also offer other accessories for the customization of your weapon: trigger guards, magazine floor plates and barrel thread protectors. New products are constantly being studied to improve the style or practicality of your guns.

Each one of our customers is important. Being ourselves a small business, we attach great importance to the satisfaction of their needs. So never hesitate to submit a suppressor adapter project to meet your own expectations. Threads and lengths, everything is modular on

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