Silencer adapter for Benjamin Discovery


Equip your PCP rifle with our silencer adapter for Benjamin Discovery and screw on a 1/2×20 TPI or 1/2×28 TPI suppressor. A custom aluminum part for the pleasure of silent shooting.

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Make less noise with your PCP Crosman Benjamin rifle.

Our silencer adapter for Benjamin Discovery will enable you to equip your rifle with a suppressor. This reduces the audible clatter when firing. An important point if you want to enjoy fun sessions without disturbing your neighbors.

Installation is very easy. First, remove the original muzzle sleeve that holds your rifle’s front sight. Then fit our adapter in its place. Finally, tighten the two transverse screws to hold it in place shot after shot.

It’s done.

Features of our silencer adapter for Benjamin Discovery

To keep it light, we machine this part from 7075 T6 aluminum. To protect it from corrosion, it is then professionally anodized. CNC manufacturing is therefore French, as is surface treatment.

Its internal diameter is 11 mm (.433″). It covers the barrel on a length of 38 mm (1.496″). To allow passage of the cap protecting the loading port, a 1 mm (.039″) deep circular arc is machined under the device.

Note that since it replaces the original front sight, this silencer adapter for Benjamin Discovery requires you to use a rifle scope.

Which suppressor should I use?

We offer this part in two different accessory threads :

  • The 1/2×20 TPI (also known as ½ UNF), preferred in Europe.
  • The 1/2×28 TPI (also known as ½ UNEF), preferred in the USA.

To protect the thread when no suppressor occupies it, we also produce thread protector in ½ UNF and ½ UNEF.

Of course, this accessory can also be used to fit a muzzle brake or any other compatible accessory.

Is it possible to use the silencer adapter for Benjamin Discovery on another airgun? If your barrel is the right diameter, there’s nothing to stop you.

Shipping worldwide.

Additional information

Weight 18 g
Dimensions 51 × 20 mm


Accessory thread

1/2 UNF (1/2×20 TPI), 1/2 UNEF (1/2×28 TPI)


Anodised aluminium


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