Crosman 2240 silencer adapter with front sight


To reduce the noise of your pellet gun, we offer a Crosman 2240 silencer adapter. It can also be used to mount a suppressor on your Crosman 2300T or 2300S. On this page you will find the version with integrated front sight, to continue shooting open sights.

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Shoot more quietly… open sight

Crosman pellet guns are among the most popular in the world. It seemed therefore natural to offer this Crosman 2240 silencer adapter with front sight, also compatible with model 2300T and model 2300S.

Thanks to him, you can set up a suppressor on your airgun. A good way to reduce noise during shooting, allowing domestic sessions.

On this page we offer the version with front sight. Then you will be able to still use the weapon open sights. But some airgunners already use a red dot or a scope on their Crosman pellet gun. For them, we also offer a more economical version, the Crosman 2240 silencer adapter without front sight.

How to use the Crosman 2240 silencer adapter with front sight ?

This accessory is compatible with Crosman single-shot CO2 pellet guns. This cover the Crosman 2240 in .22 caliber, and the Crosman 2300T and 2300S in .177 caliber. It does not screw, but slip on the barrel in place of the original muzzle.

Once the adapter is positioned, it is locked by a transverse Allen screw. This system allows to reposition it as you want, to perfectly line up rear sight and front sight. Please stay reasonable in the tightening operation. Pellet guns do not generate a recoil, no need to be overzealous.

Which moderators are compatible with the Crosman 2240 silencer adapter?

We offer this adapter in 1/2 UNF thread (also known as 1/2×20 TPI). This is the European standard for .22 LR suppressors. We also offer it in 1/2 UNEF thread (as known as 1/2×28 TPI). This is the U.S. standard for .22 caliber silencers in general.

So choose your adapter according to the most common standard in your country.

To protect the thread when no suppressor is occupying it, do not hesitate to purchase an appropriate barrel thread protector.

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 40 × 19 mm



Anodised aluminium

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