Silencer adapter for Crosman Benjamin Akela


Experience the pleasure of discreet shooting by fitting a suppressor to your PCP bullpup rifle. Our silencer adapter for Crosman Benjamin Akela is available in two different output threads: 1/2 UNF (= 1/2×20 TPI) or 1/2 UNEF (= 1/2×28 TPI). It’s up to you!

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Less noise, more fun with your PCP Bullpup rifle!

Our silencer adapter for Crosman Benjamin Akela allows you to fit a suppressor to your PCP rifle. This reduces the audible clatter that occurs during shooting. A gain in discretion that appeals to both airgun hunters and recreational shooters concerned with hearing comfort.

Installation is particularly simple. Just unscrew the original cap from the end of your Benjamin Akela. Then replace it with our custom part. This will play the same role as a centering device for your barrel, while offering you an external male thread that can be used to add accessories.

The threaded part that screws onto the rifle side is 13/16×24 TPI. Specialists will have noticed that the American manufacturer has not retained the 13/16×28 TPI threading we already covered with our silencer adapter for Armada, Marauder and Fortitude rifles. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

Compatibilities of the silencer adapter for Crosman Benjamin Akela

This custom part is compatible with the 2 Akela variants currently available. You can therefore use it on your .177 model (SKU: BPA77W) or on your .22 model (SKU: BPA22W).

On the silencer side, we’ve opted for the two threads most commonly found on guns of this class. You’ll have no trouble finding a compatible silencer at your local gunshop.

1/2 UNF (also known as 1/2×20 TPI) is the most common thread in Europe for .22 LR caliber. On the other hand, the 1/2 UNEF thread (also known as 1/2×28 TPI) is the most common thread in the USA for the .22 in the broadest sense.

Choose the one you need from the drop-down menu to the right of the image. We can also sell you a thread protector in these standards. This is to protect the threads of the silencer adapter for Crosman Benjamin Akela when no suppressor is in use.

Why choose ours?

Our model shines above all in its build quality. It’s essential to open up new possibilities for your weapon, without compromising its precision. So let’s sum up our strengths:

  • 100% French manufacturing on latest-generation CNC machines
  • Use of XC38 steel recognized for its excellent mechanical properties
  • Hot-bluing by a surface treatment professional for perfect protection against corrosion
  • Uncompromising quality control at the end of production and before shipment

We’re proud to be able to offer the best silencer adapter for Crosman Benjamin Akela to airgunners all around the world.

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 29 × 22 mm


Accessory thread

1/2 UNF (1/2×20 TPI), 1/2 UNEF (1/2×28 TPI)


Blued steel


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