Silencer adapter for Saiga MK V33 – M24x1.5 to M18x1

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On this page you will find our silencer adapter for Saiga MK V33. It will convert the M24x1.5 thread of your Russian AK to the M18x1 metric standard, to make it easier to add a muzzle brake or suppressor. A custom part machined specifically for the civilian AK 104.

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Finally, a silencer adapter for Saiga MK V33

We already offered a silencer adapter M24x1.5 to thread of your choice for AKs. But several of our customers have reported to us that it does not mount on their Kalashnikov Saiga MK V33. So we are now producing this specific alternative : a silencer adapter for Saiga MK V33 (civilian AK 104).

The idea remains the same : turn the M24x1.5 RH thread of your weapon to a more common standard. It will then be easier for you to equip it with a silencer or a .30 caliber muzzle brake. More compatible muzzle devices is our obsession.

This silencer adapter for Saiga MK V33 takes advantage of our signature build quality. That means :

  • Use of XC 38 steel (also known as C35)
  • Machining on the latest generation of CNC machines
  • Hot bluing by a surface treatment professional
  • Multiple tolerance checks throughout the process

A converter with mandatory M18x1 output thread

The particularity of the Saiga MK V33 is to have a barrel that extends beyond the accessory thread. Thus the thread is not strictly speaking “at the muzzle” of the weapon. But further back, next to the front sight.
This strange setup forces the silencer adapter for Saiga MK V33 to cover everything in front of the thread.

We must therefore superpose our new thread with the diameter of the barrel protruding. However, this constraint imposes a large minor diameter of the new thread. It is then impossible to opt for an M14x1 or a 5/8×24 TPI. You need a larger metric thread. And only the M18x1 matches.

Note that the M18x1 is regularly used on .30 or .338 caliber long guns (Sako TRG for example). So it won’t be difficult to find a suppressor or a muzzle brake of this standard in a good gun shop.

You can also find the thread protector for M18x1 on our website.

An unusual thread stop for this silencer adapter for Saiga MK V33

The other particularity at the end of the civilian AK 104 barrel, is that it does not offer a reliable thread stop at the end of the thread. Whatever you screw on it, you won’t find a neat rest at the back. Only the gas block could stand in the way, but its non-symmetry would endanger the general concentricity.

It is therefore necessary that our thread converter takes support elsewhere. The most relevant then turns out to take the front of the larger diameter on the barrel as a reference face. We thus benefit from a 360 ° support around the barrel, much more secure.

That said, the rifle remains an AK, with the wide tolerances that this implies. We therefore invite all future users of this silencer adapter for Saiga MK V33 to check the correct alignment of their accessory with the inside of the barrel before any shot.

No notch for the original muzzle brake pin. Again, the Izhmash tolerances are too wide for us to be right on all the weapons. But our thread converter has flats that will allow you to secure the installation with a simple 1″ wrench.

Additional information

Weight 102 g
Dimensions 50 × 29 mm


Accessory thread


Barrel thread



Blued steel

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